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13. May, 2017

It's getting closer!

We haven't been idle since December.... the first three pages of 'Minding Mama' are now illustrated and coloured, and I can't wait for you all to see them!

I've been busy sourcing some great rewards for the lovely people who will help fund our first issue. As you might expect from a graphic novel/comic book, they are mainly artistic in theme - canvas prints, posters, framed panels... if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, please use the contact form to tell us, and we'll look into it.

The next step towards creating our crowdfunding campaign is to create a short trailer, which will be displayed on the campaign page. We have two superb actors lined up for the roles of Mama (visual) and Cyril (audio) - all that's needed now is to find a suitable location for a day's filming and organise wardrobe.

And this is where you can get involved, for free! We're looking for a location in the UK that has at least one interior space which could be easily made to look post-apocalyptic in a deserted, run-down kind of way, without too much effort (for effort, read expense). We're not looking for anything that could pass for post-armed conflict (nuclear or otherwise), rather somewhere that has just been abandoned and is somewhat sand-blown (there's a good reason for that). Preferably not too open to the elements, either, because rain doesn't feature our scenario at all. I know...

So if you know of somewhere near you that might fit the bill, please drop us a line via our contact form, or leave a note in the guest book. If we end up using your suggestion, we'll arrange an extra-special 'thank you' just for you!

Thanks for reading!

12. Dec, 2016

Minding Mama is now on Twitter!

Come follow us on the Twitterverse - https://twitter.com/Minding_Mama

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