'Minding Mama' - a new comic book series

At an undefined time in Earth's future, humanity is on the brink of extinction. An event the remnants of humanity know as 'the burn off' has all but destroyed the ozone layer - Earth's surface is little more than a dust bowl. Humans live underground, struggling to eke out an existence using hydroponic farms to create food. Only FarmBots Cyril and Celia venture above ground. Their purpose - to breed UV-resistant plants capable of surviving on the inhospitable surface. But Cyril and Celia are old, and beginning to malfunction...

Originally written as a competition entry, 'Minding Mama' felt very visual right from the word 'go', and I decided to create a comic book and an animated short film. 

Stage 1 - the creation of a live-action trailer 
Stage 2 - production & printing of issue 1  
Stage 3 - a short animated feature 

Here you can see one of Amanda's first designs for Mama - as befits the world she inhabits, Mama's clothing is a mish-mash of available fabrics.