Remy joins team Minding Mama!

I am particularly delighted to welcome Susan to team Minding Mama. Sue and I first met in 1973 as pen-pals sharing a mutual love of science-fiction films and TV. Life took us on seperate paths for several decades, but a chance conversation two years ago as I was pulling together my first book trailer for 'The Methuselah Paradox' led to the discovery that Sue now had an alter ego in the shape of Remy - the Elephant in Scarlet, a CiC whose remit is video production. 

Sue offered to help me realise my first trailer, and now to my delight, she and Remy are part of the Minding Mama team!

A graduate (hons) of Bournemouth University, The Open University, and University of Portsmouth, Susan has had a life-long interest in the creative arts. 

Elephant in Scarlet has been founded to record the memories of those whose unique life stories would otherwise be lost and to make every attempt to make these historic sources available for scholars and researchers of the future.

In order to accomplish this, Elephant in Scarlet offers a bespoke gift service where the client or nominated interviewee is recorded in a video interview and the interview edited together with appropriate stills photos, archive film or video and other audio-visual items.

Elephant in Scarlet is currently also involved in several local grant-assisted projects, including a project involving the organisation of Wren Old Girls, Pompey Old Pals and also a live theatre production for the Mingella Space at the New Theatre Royal in 2018.