We're Almost There!

image (c) Stephen R Cox

Our Crowdfunding trailer is almost done! Sue Turner of www.elephantinscarlet.co.uk  is working her magic on the footage we shot on October 28th; once that's done, Matthew Thomason will be able to create the music. In the meantime, I've been fine-tuning the blurb for our crowdfunding page on Kickstarter (there'll also be pages on Patreon and GoFundMe, so you can choose which platform to donate from. 

Please help us to spread the word! 

By the way, I'll be at www.uksouthernbookshow.co.uk on Sunday 4th March at the Pavillion Theatre in Worthing (the one at the end of the pier!) along with 50+ other authors - and I'll have one of the characters from 'Minding Mama' with me! Entry is free - a trip to the seaside and a chance to pick up some great books, what could be better?  

Thanks for visiting - we hope to see you again!



Our Stage One crowdfund page has just gone live on  GoFundMe and Patreon

We need to create an eye-catching trailer/pitch for the main crowdfunding campaign (to create and produce Issue One of 'Minding Mama').  Please tell all your friends about us! 

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