5. May, 2018

The 'Minding Mama' Trailer & other news!

As briefly mentioned on the Crowdfunding page, live action footage for our crowdfunding pitch/trailer was recorded at the Kings International College Drama Studio on 28th October. Since then, our camera/editing whizz Sue Turner of www.elephantinscarlet.co.uk has been hard at work on the edit. The process has been delayed slightly by the temperamental weather here in the UK, because some exterior footage was required, but we're hoping to complete this very soon. 

The cover artwork for Issue One is in progress, as is the music, thanks to Matthew Thomason!  

On 23/24th June, Neon Sky Books and author EJ Jackson will be at the Hursley Park Book Fair   where we'll be displaying some of the costumes and artwork for 'Minding Mama'.  Entry and car parking is free, and there will be opportunities to win books and meet a varied selection of authors from all genres. We hope to see you there!